The Flash Laws of Bourbon

Inventory-Optimization-Follow-the-RulesThose of us who consider ourselves Bourboneers or just lovers of the brown water, fully understand that such devotion requires the observation of a binding set of rules, customs and practices to govern and protect our use of the American Spirit. In other words and more simply put, I believe that if you love bourbon then there are just certain things you should know and abide by. I call them Flash Laws (not listed in any particular order). Please follow responsibly!

  • All bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon
  • Bourbon never asks questions, it just understands
  • The answer to anything that matters is bourbon
  • Keep your friends close but your bourbon closer
  • Always be someone’s shot of bourbon rather than their cup of tea
  • What bourbon will not cure, there is honestly no cure for
  • It’s better to be full of bourbon rather than full of shit
  • Drink more water…enjoy bourbon on the rocks
  • Drinking whiskey may make you worldly, but drinking bourbon makes you American
  • Bourbon is what all other liquor wants to be when they grow up
  • Bourbon is like a sweet kiss. It’s enjoyed more with someone you like
  • What life forgets, bourbon remembers
  • Never slam and waste it when you can sip and taste it
  • Drink water to live, drink bourbon to live better
  • A bar without bourbon is just stupid
  • Life is too short to drink vodka

– The Bourboneer


Bourbon enjoyed while writing this post: Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey, KSBW, Lawrenceburg, KY

References: http://www.SMWS,,

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