The Anchor

anchor1Every Bourboneer should always have at least one “anchor” holding down their bar. By anchor I mean the one or two labels you always have stocked and ready to pour. Now, if you are more monetarily sound than I am, you may have three or four anchors…and God bless you for that! But a true Bourboneer will always have that one “go to” bourbon.

Your anchor preference is only limited by your imagination. It can be based on anything from taste notes, whether its good in a cocktail, the price point, color to even the look of the bottle. It truly doesn’t matter as long as you love it enough to enjoy drink after drink after drink.

My anchor? That’s easy: Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey. And because Bulleit is such an affordable bourbon, I usually opt for the larger 1,75L which is nicely priced between 33$ – 37$ depending on where you live. Well, if I am being honest, my loving wife does much of the bourbon shopping for our household, especially when it Bulleit.  She finds the bargains much better than i do. Initially I wasn’t sold on Bulleit as my anchor. I thought that it’s high-rye mash bill would have been a turn off due to it’s heavier than usual spice notes. I customarily lean more toward the wheated and traditional bourbons as a whole. I prefer the softer sweeter flavor. However, Bulleit’s profile brings forth an interesting note of cola, blended with the traditional caramel and “oaky” or “woody” tastes as well. Not to mention, Bulleit is extraordinary in cocktails such as the Mint Julep, the Old Fashioned and even the Manhattan. The dominating presence of rye provides this flexibility considering cocktails such as the Old Fashioned were traditionally made with rye instead of bourbon.

Despite all of the wonderful characteristics I’ve mentioned above, there is no bottle of bourbon that looks better, more handsome, sitting on my bar. It’s “old west” charm with the crooked label and embossed letters recalls a time when Bulleit was first produced in the mid 1800’s. Personally, I think it resembles an old medicine bottle which may be another reason why I love it so. Remember, what bourbon can’t cure there is no cure for (see my Flash Laws of Bourbon article). Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey practically forces me to kick up my feet after a long day and enjoy the full-throated, delightful libation sip after sip, all day long. And that’s what your anchor should be doing for you.

So what is your anchor? Do you have one? If not, go get one today!


Bourbon enjoyed while writing this article: See “my anchor” above.

References: American Whiskey, Bourbon and Rye. Clay Risen. New York 2013


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