A Bourboneer is an advocate, an enthusiast, and more importantly a proficient bourbon imbiber, versed in the knowledge, heritage, art and culture of bourbon, bourbon production, with an understanding of bourbon and its unique characteristics.

There are three levels of a Bourboneer: 1) Imbiber, 2) Operator, 3) Master.

Imbiber: The casual bourbon consumer, self educated in the subject. Enjoys bourbon from the larger more renown distilleries and has a facile knowledge of bourbon and its production.

Operator: The regular or daily consumer, formally educated and trained in the subject. Well read in bourbon heritage, art, culture and has a extensive knowledge of bourbon and its production. Usually partakes in finer bourbon but enjoys numerous labels. Possesses the ability to educate and train others.

Master: The regular or daily consumer, not only formally educated but makes bourbon a profession. Employed or once employed in some regard with a distillery or involved in the education or training aspects of the subject. Has an extensive and practical knowledge of all things bourbon and a refined palate. Also possesses the ability train others and market the product.

The Bourboneer is the home for passionate bourbon enthusiasts. Find stories, reviews, links, facts, trivia and more to quench your thirst for your love of the distinctive American Spirit.