National Bourbon Day!

national bourbon day

About 5 weeks ago our nation celebrated May 4th – Bourbon Independence Day, well me specifically, and today we thankfully celebrate another bourbon holiday:  June 14th, National Bourbon Day. Remember, bourbon is America’s native spirit and 100% an American conception. Understandably, we really don’t need an excuse to enjoy bourbon and it’s patriotic history, but when a day is set aside for such a thing, then we should embrace it wholeheartedly and participate. Agreed? I know I am.

How are you celebrating?

Tonight I have filled my favorite glencairn with Bulleit (10 years old) and a solitary ice cube. As you know Bulleit is the anchor bourbon on my bar, but the 10 year old (limited release) was a special treat from a dear friend. I can’t think of a more appropriate day then National Bourbon Day to imbibe such a remarkable bourbon.

bulleit 10

Today’s national day of recognition comes with not only a sense of celebration but an obligation to honor America’s first responders, specifically the United States Capitol Police. I lift my glass to the two brave Capitol Police officers who, completely out-gunned, advanced and bravely neutralized the threat and saved numerous lives. That was certainly some “high-speed, low drag” kind of shit. God bless you and I pray for your speedy recovery.

“Drinking whiskey may make you worldly, but drinking bourbon makes you American.”

-The Bourboneer


Bourbon enjoyed while writing this article: Bulleit (10 year old) KSBW, 45.6% ABV or 91.2 proof. THe Bulleit Distilling Co., Lawrenceburg, Ky.

A Toast to Those Who Have Sacrificed All for this Country

This weekend we remember and celebrate all of the warrior heroes who have given their lives in the service of our country. Never take for granted the freedoms we enjoy. They were bought at a price…a heavy price. 

Take a moment this weekend and honor those who have fallen in the defense of this country. We could never appreciate the things we do today without their sacrifice. 
I honor our heroes today by enjoying a bottle of Evan Williams KSBW. The distiller has taken the liberty of decorating their Evan Williams Black KSBW bottle in patriotic red, white and blue to commemorate Memorial Day weekend. I don’t know about you but it actually tastes a little sweeter in this bottle 😀.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to toast our American heroes!

                         -The Bourboneer

I Wish You a Happy Bourbon Independence Day!

Whiskey and celebration colorful fireworks

Today is May 4th. 53 years ago today, Congress passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 19 (S Con Res 19) making bourbon a “distinctive product of the United States.”  On an earlier post, back in March, I made this date aware to all of the Bourboneers out there and provided a few guidelines on how to celebrate. For the purpose of convenience I reiterated them here:

  1. Get a bottle of your favorite bourbon
  2. Pour it in a glass neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail
  3. And now for the best part...Drink it!
  4. Then share the tiding, “I Wish You A Happy Bourbon Independence Day!” with me on Facebook @thebourboneer and everyone you know. Provide a comment or share a picture of your drink or your method of celebration. Let everyone know you are enjoying Bourbon Independence Day and doing so in style.

A copy of the Resolution is below for you reading pleasure.


And here is my picture of my celebratory bourbon this evening. It happens to be two fingers of Michter’s Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon and a solitary ice cube. Pretty good, yet very straightforward as bourbons go. Present are the typical vanilla, caramel, corn and oak flavors that define most bourbons with a slight spice note at the finish. Appropriate for such a bourbon occasion as today.


As The Bourboneer I am asking, rather demanding, you enjoy a bourbon this evening and celebrate the independence of our nation’s distinctive native spirit!

– The Bourboneer


Bourbon enjoyed while writing this article: Michter’s Small Batch KSBW, 45.7% ABV or 91.4 proof (NAS) Michter’s Distillery LLC, Louisville, Ky.

Celebrating April in a different way

autism awareness

According to the Autism Speaks website:

  • Autism affects 1 in 68 children and that number continues to grow
  • There is no cure or medical detection for Autism
  • It costs a family @ 60,000$ annually, on average

I mention this as The Bourboneer to not only bring the recognition to your attention (if you weren’t already aware) and to support such a cause is not only noble but extremely crucial, but for a reason much more dear to me. My youngest daughter is on the Autism spectrum. She was diagnosed almost nine years ago. A moment in my life I will never forget. I truly felt lost, cheated and without hope. “Why her Lord, why us?” I knew nothing about this epidemic except what I had seen on TV and in the movies. To say that was, at the very least, uncomforting would be an understatement. I wept for what I believed to be a regimented and limited future for my precious girl.

In stepped my wife, or wonder woman I should say. She championed my daughter’s fight and refused to sit on the sidelines and watch her sweet girl just
“get by” in life. She knew that little girl could aspire to great things and live out dreams just like the rest of us. It was impressive and not only saved my daughter’s future, but dug me out of my despair. Over the next several years we watched our little girl grow. She surprised us by conquering every challenge before her. And in the process, she educated her mom and I on the meaning of adapting, over coming and improvising. She certainly has what it takes to be one of the few, the proud…the Marines! But more importantly she taught us that every thing was going to be all right. A child did this for her parents! There were times when she even chastened us poignantly in the face of all of our doubt, “All that crying for nothing.”

I never laughed so hard!

  • Always
  • Unique
  • Totally
  • Intelligent
  • Somewhat
  • Mysterious

My daughter is not only the best thing I’ve been a part of, she is the strongest person I’ve met. All 70lbs of her. If life is a challenge for her, she sure doesn’t let on to us that it’s overly bothersome. She calms me, she makes me a better father and she shows me what true courage is. But the most incredible part…she tells me everything is going to be all right.  Believe what you will about Autism. I’ve heard all the medical and expert opinion. But here is what Autism is not… a deficiency. It’s a way of looking at things differently than you and I do. So who’s to say if that’s right or wrong, good or bad, more intelligent or less. Because the majority of us see things one way doesn’t always make it the right or best. It’s just different that’s all.  And if we as a society could embrace such a “different” way to picture life, then it would be a hell of a lot better place to live, I can promise you that.

So that’s why I celebrate April a little differently than most. Cheers!

The Bourboneer

Irish Presbyterian 

Today is March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. The above symbol is used by the Presbyterian Church of Ireland 🇮🇪. The inscription  “Ardens Sed Virens” translates to “burning but flourishing.”  I am not Irish nor am I a Presbyterian but in honor of this religious and cultural celebration held on the traditional day of Saint Patrick’s death, I raise my glass. 

This is what was waiting for me when I returned from work. Yes that’s right…an Irish Presbyterian! Bulleit Bourbon, ginger ale, bitters, club soda, a lime, orange peel and green food coloring for the right amount of color. My wonderful wife used the concoction to welcome me home. Notice the use of orange, green and white. Subtle but appropriate. Very clever and very thoughtful. I am truly a “lucky” man. 

I hope everyone has a fortuitous and safe evening! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

                        -The Bourboneer

Bourbon enjoyed while writing this article: Bulleit Frontier Whiskey KSBW, 45% ABV or 90 proof (NAS). Bulleit Distilling Co., Louisville, Ky.

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