A New Beginning?

Nah! Just time I got back to it!

Happy 2020 to all you bourboneers out there! I’d first like to apologize for my lengthy absence. I had no intention of taking such a hiatus. Life just got in the way I guess. However, the time away did give me the opportunity to broaden, not only my bourbon palette, but my bourbon knowledge as well. Now, I can thankfully add such labels as Cream of Kentucky (KY), Slipknot No. 9 (IA), Walking Dead (Unk), Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style (KY), Rowan’s Creek (KY), St. Augustine Double Cask (FL) and Seacrets Distilling (MD) to my bourbon palette repository, just to name a few. I’d have to say the the Cream of Kentucky was delicious and what I expected from a Jim Rutledge offering. Of course you will pay a bit more for such a fine bourbon (@ $150 per 750ml). I was most surprised by the Walking Dead. It’s distilled from an unknown location, however, Diageo has their hand involved in the production. I was a bit wary of a bourbon semi-associated with the popular long-running television series. But I have to say it wasn’t bad, not bad at all. I’d even recommend trying it if you have the chance.

I added The Bourbon Bartender, The Old Fashioned and The Field Guide to Whisky titles to my ever growing library and would recommend all of them especially the Field Guide to Whisky. It’s incredibly informative, beautifully crafted and eye catching from front cover to back.

But enough about my absence and experiences. I am just happy to be back sharing all things bourbon. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season highlighted by bourbon in its many delicious forms. I look forward to staying in touch throughout 2020. Happy New Year!

BTW, Was Santa good to you this year?

I hope so. I guess I made the “nice” list. Under the tree this year, I found 2 bottles of Blanton’s, a bottle of Basil Hayden, Longbranch, Willett Pot Still Reserve and the coup de grace, a hand selected “Noe Country for Old Men” signature labeled bottle (#4513) of Knob Creek Single Barrel. Special thanks to my daughter, Erica, for cleverly figuring out on getting me such a thoughtful gift!

– The Bourboneer

Bourbon enjoyed while writing this article: Willett “Pot Still” Reserve KSBW. 94 proof (47%ABV), Aged 8 – 10 years. Willett Distillery, Bardstown, KY.

3 thoughts on “A New Beginning?

  1. I have something for ya as well to add to your collection – gotta get together soon – we can lament over our teams ouster of the NFL season. Those guys cause us to drink!

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