Just Because

Another gorgeous Monday in Flagler Beach. What to do? What to do?…Hmmm. Let’s see…it’s just about 2 pm and, as far as I am concerned, the only responsible thing to do today is to take full advantage of the weather, the view and the time. The weather: upper 80’s and sunny, low humidity and a cooling, gentle breeze. The view: my beautiful wife and daughter on a roof top eatery overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the time…well, when it comes to time, I have a lot more of it these days. The Bourboneer finally retired from the daily grind and planted himself and his family in a beach town in Flagler County, Florida. The visitors and tourists are, for the most part, gone and the local kids are already back in school. I don’t think I’d survive as a kid in Florida with a return to school date of August 10th! What ever happen to going back after Labor Day? I digress. Anyway, I can’t think of a better way to spend an early Monday afternoon. Just because.

At the moment, I don’t quite have my toes in the water or my ass in the sand, I surely don’t have a worry in the world and I definitely have a cold drink in my hand, so life is good today! Anyone want to take a guess what I am drinking? Not going to make it difficult for you. It’s bourbon. Surprised? I know in such a setting the masses would be imbibing vast quantities of chilled fruity or slushy type offerings or even ice cold beer. I understand that decision process and really can’t blame you for the selection. Sounds appropriately refreshing. However, to me, there is nothing more refreshing than two, maybe three fingers, of that delicious brown water, a hint of ginger ale or ginger beer and a perfectly ripe lime wedge served over a few ice cubes. Ahhhh! Hits the spot!

Now if this interests you then you can easily adapt the flavor profile to your liking by experimenting with the bourbon. If you desire a sweeter version, try a wheated bourbon like Makers Mark or Weller. If it’s a spicier selection you crave then go with a high rye bourbon like Bulleit. Any way you choose is the right way and I think you will taste just how refreshing a bourbon can be in such a setting.

Please look past the semi-opaque plastic solo cup in the attached pictures, I promise you can still see (imagine) the deliciousness inside. I had no choice in the serving vessel. Everything was plastic! Oh, and the lime was not very ripe at all. Could’ve sworn it was a lemon. Anyway, you get the idea.


– The Bourboneer