Ghost Bar, 2021 Style!

In the past I have posted several Ghost Bar offerings. Haven’t really done so in a few years, but I have returned 2021. This year’s the theme is “Let’s get smashed! 🎃

So, here are a few great bourbon drinks for the upcoming Halloween/Autumn season. Enjoy!

My first selection comes from the great people at It’s called “Grave Digger.” Here’s the recipe:

Grab your favorite hard cider, bourbon, ginger ale or ginger beer and a 12-16oz glass filled with ice. Now, listen closely, this is the tricky part. You must follow this step perfectly…Dump it all in the glass! That’s it! The portions are up to you.

The next selection is more of an Autumn offering. It’s called the “Apple Bottom” and it’s brought to us by

Here is the recipe:

– 2oz bourbon

– .75oz maple syrup

– .75oz lemon juice

– Gala apples

Cut up an apple slice and muddle it in the bottom of the glass. Then simply add the bourbon, syrup and lemon juice. Boom! Done!

Make one or both of these cocktails this ghostly season. And to make the experience even spookier sip your cocktail in a “Let’s get smashed!” T-shirt. Click on the link below.

Happy Halloween!

– The Bourboneer


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