Very Special Thanks to a fan of The Bourboneer!

Today I received a very special gift from a “fan” of The Bourboneer. I have my suspicions of who it may be but with only an anonymous birthday note inside, I can’t be quite certain.

When I opened the unexpected gift I couldn’t help but smile 😄
That’s right! A bottle of Maker’s Mark 46. Clearly someone is a Bourboneer fan and read my last article on specifically this bourbon titled, “Happy 46!” The anonymous gift giver was gracious enough to indulge me on my birthday! And I am truly thankful! I am not only extremely grateful and humbled by the generosity but I am thankful for those of you who have taken time to read and share my posts.

So I will close by once again saying thank you to this mysterious “fan” and make this standing offer: The Bourboneer will always have a bourbon waiting with your name on it should you ever decide to reveal yourself and share a drink!

-The Bourboneer

Bourbon enjoyed while writing this article: Well, nothing quite yet since it’s only 1pm, but I am sure you can figure out what it will be:)

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